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Style is Not About the Money

Yes, I am back from my hiatus - AGAIN. Life with a medically complex son has truly caused me to put a lot on the back burner because Lucas will always take priority. During this hiatus I have found that I had lost myself a bit. I stopped doing things that I enjoy and that was tapping into my creativity. When I was doing this self reflection I also realized I need to do some tweaking to my brand. Those new changes I will announce at a later date.

During this break fashion has become more and more of an outlet for me. I am mostly a homebody these days because of my son so when I do get a chance to get dressed and step out I make sure I make the best of it with my style.

Not many people know this, but I use to weight close to 400 lbs at one point in life. One thing I always was complimented for no matter my size was my style. To take the focus off my weight I needed to make sure I always looked my best. I have never gone broke for doing so. I was never one for big label brands just to have it. If I saw something that I liked that was big label I got it because I liked it and not because it was what was "in" at the time and I DAMN sure wasn't going to paying full price.

One of my missions with my new brand direction is showing the masses you can be stylist without breaking the bank. I will soon have a weekly blog post where I will feature a look where I challenge myself to spend under $50.

Although today is Tuesday, I thought I would give you a taste of what you can expect. This look cost me just over $40. Everything was bought from Burlington (which happens to be one of my favorite stores for clothing and housewares). but I have listed alternate options for you below.

If you do not have a Burlington near you, I suggest you relocate where there is one, lol.

Eiffel Tower Top: similar one here

Red Duster: similar one here

Gloria Vanderbilt Comfort Curvy Skinny Jeans

Shoes & Accessories: Already owned

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