Introducing: Vonne's Itch to Stitch

First of all, I have some explaining to do. What a hiatus I have been on. Since my last post (February '17), a lot has changed. I had a baby. His name is Lucas and he is absolutely amazing - just like his big brother. I had an extremely rough pregnancy and Lucas was born premature and spent a lot of time in the NICU. He has been home since January but it has taken my family and I some to adjust to what is now our "new normal" having a child that is medically complex. With that said, I needed to put justVonne on hold for a bit and focus on my family. Nonetheless, my husband and I are so blessed.

I have launched a charm bracelet line, Charmed by Vonne. I make bracelets for men, women, and children (by request). My personal collection of bracelets is insane and I really need to find a creative way to store them. My "jewelry drawer" is full to the max. I have been getting really good feedback and amazing clients because these are one of a kind bracelets.

The biggest news of all is I finally have my own commerical space! It is nothing huge but its the size I need to be creative and meet clients. If you are interested in booking a consult please schedule online here.

Having this new space has inspired me and has let me be more creative. I have launched a new monthly feather called Vonne's Itch to Stitch. This is a monthly custom design I create and feature that is available for purchase that month ONLY! I am so excited I am launching August's Vonne's Itch to Stitch a little early as well as taking pre-orders. Pre-orders placed before 8/1/18 will also receive a 15% discount. Orders for August's Itch to Stitch are accepted through 8/25/18.

Love this look below?? Purchase here!

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