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It's my BIRTHDAY and I'm BACK!!

I know I have been on quite the hiatus. I ought to be ashamed of myself! What a hectic few months this has been.

For those of you who follow me on Instagram and Facebook know my family and I relocated from New York to Dallas 6 months ago. Let me tell you - that 6 months flew by! It feels like its only been 3 months. I have never made such a big move before so it was also a major adjustment for me. I miss my family and friends so much. This move was much needed for my husband, my son, and myself so we all could grow. I don't regret it at all.

Now let me tell ya'll - I have eaten some of the BEST. FOOD. EVER. Back home there are a lot of chains and your usual restaurants. Here there is always something different to try. The only restaurant I have on repeat is Pappadeaux and that's because I absolutely love seafood otherwise we try something new when we eat out. Speaking of seafood - all of my life I have HATED catfish. I thought it was so nasty until that beautiful sunny Saturday afternoon when my best friend took me to a spot that had the most amazing fried catfish. I couldn't believe it. I am officially a fan.

One of the toughest things for an entrepreneur moving across the country is basically starting your business from the ground up in a sense. Making new connections and networking has been a struggle because I am very much an introvert (believe it or not). One thing I can say for sure is my clients from New York did not let the distance keep them from getting their justVonne designs. Surprisingly, I get consistent orders from the East Coast which shocked me at first. That just let me know how blessed I am to have people that believe in me and want to see me to continue to grow.

Now - on to the fun stuff! My birthday photo shoot. I fractured my ankle Thanksgiving weekend which made it basically impossible to sew. I mean, it was possible but it was extremely painful. Once my ankle started to get better my wheels started spinning and I got my creative mojo back. I told my husband (who is also my photographer) that I have to make my comeback with more than one look. First I started off with 2 looks then the night before the shoot it was up to 4.

Take a look with what I came up with! #styleismylife #daretobedifferent

Faux Fur & Suede Vest: Made by me - M7481

Fabric: Aztec Himalaya Fur and white suede

Hair and Make-Up: Me

Earrings: Sam Moon


Faux Fur Shawl: Made by me - self drafted and also FOR SALE HERE

Fabric: Aztec Himalaya Fur

Hair and Make-Up: Me


Blazer : Made by me - M6844 with modifications. You can also see my original version HERE

Fabric: It's a shimmery denim

Rhinestone bra: Made by me

Pom-Pom Heels: Made by me

Hair and Make-Up: Me

All Accessories: Sam Moon


Top : Made by me - Self drafted

Skirt : Made by me - Self drafted

Fabric: Top: Denim Pencil Skirt: Stretch Denim

Hair and Make-Up: Me

All Accessories: Sam Moon


What do you think???

Before I go - I want to share my biggest news with you. I finally opened my online shop has also had a makeover. Click HERE and take a look around. Need to change your looks? Need some help creating a look for that event coming up?



I now have a Facebook Group called justVonne's Lounge. Here we talk about fashion, have monthly fashion challenges, seek fashion advice from myself and other Fashionistas and Divo's. I will be giving away prizes from time to time as well offer exclusive sales to my FB members ONLY. So come join us!

Well my loves - it is time for me to celebrate my birthday. Be sure to keep in touch!

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