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Big Hips. Big Thighs. OH MY!

I don't know about you ladies but I embrace my curves. Now don't get me wrong, they can be troublesome at times. Especially when it comes to denim. I love denim but denim does not always love me. You don't know how many times I am in a store and I find a pair of jeans I adore but my hips and thighs say "nah, chill son". Not everyone wants to wear jeans that strech all the time. I would die to be able to get a pair of 100% cotton denim without the waist being big and my thighs and hips are choking to death.

But I digress...

I have had a few people reach out to me asking how to dress when you are have hips and thighs.

Here are a few tips:

#1 The Wrap Dress

To me a woman is always sexy in a wrap dress no matter her weight, height, or figure shape. It has a way of nicely hiding any random fat that some of us seem to have and need to tuck away all the while creathing an amazing hour glass figure.

This dress really works for any body type but even more curvier girls because its focuses on your tiny waist (or giving you the illusion of one).

Source: Rue 107

#2 A-Line Dress

Classic, enchanting, versatile.

A-Line dresses come in all sorts of fabrics so they can be dressed up or down. The A-Line dress brings focus to your waist. We all know as women that the waist is one of the keys to looking beautiful.

This type of dress draws attention to your waist making the rest of your figure flow nicely.

Source: Rue 107

#3 High-Waisted pants

A really nice fitting pair of high-waisted pants, shorts, or skirt can do wonders for your figure. Now trust me when I say this -- it WILL take some time to find that pair to fit you nice all over.

If you do find that you are having trouble you can always consider going to a tailor, or seamstress to have the waist altered for that perfect fit. It will be worth it and then you can thank me later.

Source: Asos

OFF TOPIC: Who is ready for some holiday looks?! Stay tuned because I have some on the way for you!

Have a great weekend! XOXOXO

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