It's my BIRTHDAY and I'm BACK!!

I know I have been on quite the hiatus. I ought to be ashamed of myself! What a hectic few months this has been. For those of you who follow me on Instagram and Facebook know my family and I relocated from New York to Dallas 6 months ago. Let me tell you - that 6 months flew by! It feels like its only been 3 months. I have never made such a big move before so it was also a major adjustment for me. I miss my family and friends so much. This move was much needed for my hu

Introducing The L.Newman Collection

Happy Monday! I have got to tell you....I am feeling good over here. A lot has been going on with justVonne in such a positive way that I can barely contain my excitement. As these updates come and things are etched in stone I will update. Just know that these changes are HUGE! If you remember two weeks ago my little guy Xavier made his debut here on in honor of Mother's Day. If you follow me on Facebook you saw that last week I posted photos of my husband


Anyone who knows me knows I am a TRUE Wu-Tang fan. Seriously. 100%. I have to laugh sometimes because everyone automatically thinks she is such a "Girly Girl”. Pretty skirts, dresses, shoes, and accessories and I a point. Truth be told if you pulled up next to me at a red light and heard the music that comes out the speakers of my vehicle you would instantly lock your doors, roll up your windows and probably fear for your life. I have Wu-Tang shirts, socks, you na